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Iran supports the death sentence for three young men.


The Iranian Supreme Court upheld the death sentence against three Iranian youths, all in their 20s, for participating in Iran’s recent anti-regime protests for “carrying out riots”.
According to the “HRAI” agency of the Human Rights Activists Group in Iran, one of the lawyers in the case, who did not want to reveal his name for security reasons, revealed that the death sentences were issued against Amir Hussain Muradi, Saeed Tamjidi and Muhammad Rajabi.
She emphasized that the lawyer was familiar with the case in hopes that the three-member team will be able to change this punishment through a retrial. The agency stated that these young people are in poor conditions in the prison with dozens of citizens who were arrested during the protests that erupted throughout the country in November 2019, as well as the demonstrations last January, and those detained in Tehran Grand Prison. Two of these young people, Saeed Tamjidi and Muhammad Rajabi, had fled to Turkey after being pursued by Iranian security services, and they applied for political asylum, but Turkish police arrested them and handed them over to the Iranian regime. Judge Abu al-Qasim Salwati, head of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran, who is on the US international sanctions list for human rights violations, has sentenced the three defendants to prison terms and flogging, in addition to the death penalty. He also sentenced my exorcism and rugby, an additional year of imprisonment for “leaving the country illegally”.
It is noteworthy that the authorities severely suppressed the protests that erupted after a decision to increase the price of gasoline by three times last November and quickly turned into an anti-regime uprising in 29 of the 31 Iranian provinces. Security forces, supported by special riot units, Revolutionary Guards, and militia elements loyal to the regime in civilian clothes, launched an excessive crackdown against the protesters that lasted for four days, during which about 1,500 protesters were killed, and more than 10,000 people were arrested, many of whom were tortured and dozens of them died, according to organizations Human rights.

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